Driving long distances has become unaffordable for most individuals with the increasing fuel costs in the past few years. Prices have doubled and families have had to look at alternatives to driving themselves. Taking Washington DC Charter bus rentals is one alternative that must be seriously considered if you want to travel long distance to a family event. Recent studies have shown that bus charters or motorcoach hires are the most fuel-efficient modes of transportation

in the US. They offer 148.4 passenger miles per gallon of fuel There is no comparison with other transportation modes since they cannot compete with these figures. Intercity trains is 74.1, air carriers 40,9 and automobiles 35.4. Bus charters or motorcoaches are the number one people mover. Studies show that the amount of people carried by these vehicles in the US, by far outnumbers any other mode of transportation. The bus charter industry has steadily improved and is far more efficient when concerned about energy intensity. Fuel savings is due largely to about thirty percent of good driving habits. Charter bus companies professionally train their drivers to adhere to all safety and security standards. Passenger safety is of paramount importance, as is comfort. Charter bus rentals are fitted with extra thick cushioned seating and are fully-air conditioned. Some have toilets, washrooms and a kitchenette. Passengers need to feel comfortable and refreshed during their trip. The extra large suspension can also make the drive a lot smoother.

Motorcoaches from Washington DC Charter bus rentals are said to be able to replace 55 vehicles from the highway; help reduce carbon dioxide because of being able to replace so many vehicles, because it produces less carbon emissions than any passenger car. Tire wear and fuel economy can be conserved by the GPS technology that helps control unnecessary idling. Braking patterns and Speed of the driver can also be monitored. These facts only add to the going Green of these vehicles. Facts state that motorcoaches or charter buses are removing over 425 million cars off the road each year by replacing them. They are also reducing pollution and congestion this way, since more and more are making use of biodiesel. These diesel charter buses in use today, are cleaner as far as emissions are concerned by more than 98 percent, compared with the diesels used in the 1980s. We now have more use of six speed automatic transmissions with second overdrive because of improving technology. This aids fuel efficiency. Hiring a bus charter

vehicle is not only going to benefit you, but it will also benefit mankind because these vehicles are contributing more and more to saving our planet. Just another great reason for choosing to hire charter buses over all other transport modes that pollute the earth more.

Hiring Washington DC Charter bus rentals for your special trip means you can relax and focus on interacting with your guests. You will never have to worry about where the driver is going since all drivers have a good working knowledge of their working terrain and local landmarks. They are also familiar with the best routes that will ensure you get to your destination on time and without any stress. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the landscape view from your charter bus window. Charter buses are also equipped with a bar from which you can pour yourself a much needed drink, while watching a show on the big screen color TV. Snacks can be provided or a full kitchenette with a fridge for storage may be on hand. This is all dependent on the charter bus accessory package you ordered. In order to comply with new Environmental Protection Agency standards, from 2010, Charter buses became even more fuel efficient. This industry has been working on emission hardware and design components that are going to help with the reduction of fuel emissions even more. Engines that were scheduled for release were said to eliminate most nitrous oxides. Research also shows that charter buses emit far less greenhouse gases than trains, automobiles and airplanes. Motorcoaches and charter buses have been using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel since 2006 which almost completely eliminates sulfur emissions. Charter buses for hire are well maintained and regularly checked before they leave the premises to undertake a long journey. Regular maintenance is carried out and all engine components serviced. Buses are not allowed on the

road if they do not meet with specific standards, neither are drivers. Drivers are selected according to their training,

certification and professionalism. 

So if you are planning a long distance trip with a group of people you may want to consider doing this in Washington DC Charter bus rentals. These buses are not only going green and earth friendly but they are incredibly comfortable with legroom for the whole family. Little children can find place to play or curl up on a retractable seat and sleep if they are tired at the end of a long day. You can lie back if you want to take a power nap. There are earplugs and headsets for

those who want to listen or block out the sound. Negotiating a charter bus full of passengers is a skill and you would not want to be doing this in your private vehicle if you are caught in a storm. Leave the long distance travel to professionals while you enjoy the trip. The intention of a trip is always to relax, vacation and have fun. Before you make your final choice of bus charter company, you should read online reviews from previous customers. These will clearly outline the type of service you can expect. Once you are satisfied you should go ahead with your Charter bus booking by completing a form online with all your requirements. Washington DC Charter bus rentals will come back to you with a package that meets your needs and is within your budget. You can select your specific vehicle online. Remember to tip the driver since most of them rely on tips, and they go out of their way to ensure you have a great trip.