Affiliates can help you market your online stores!

Affiliate marketing has always been a great way for some to make money online. However, dropshipping may be the better solution for those who want an online business that partners with ecommerce drop shipping suppliers. This option seems to be just as good and even better in some instances because good pick and pack warehouses are tough to find.

Affiliate marketers strive to learn more and are always looking for new opportunities to earn money online. Creating multiple streams of online income has always been the most common suggestion for online entrepreneurs. Many individuals earn from different programs and campaigns. By continuing to follow this advice and trying out new things we all eventually find the niche that ultimately helps us make the most money.

Some find affiliate marketing intimidating because it is driven by a lot of advertising, reports, reviews, sales and promotions. As an affiliate marketer you are the middleman. It is your task to direct people to your site and to convince them to buy a product from another website. You receive a portion of the sales when you achieve this goal, by getting them to follow your lead or click on your website. However, you have no control over the selling site and the founder can change the price as often as it suits them. This means your portion of the sale can radically change at any stage. This can be a frequent occurrence with certain products. It is up to you to either drop them or stay and continue to earn.

Dropshipping is the only other program that is the closest to and reduces or eliminates affiliate marketing issues. By partnering with ecommerce drop shipping suppliers, you actually sell products and are no longer the middle man. There is a twist to this! You only buy the product after someone purchase it from you. So, you never actually see or handle the product because it is shipped directly to the customer. 

It’s just a matter of finding a dropshipping supplier who has the products you want to sell. Then you create a website like an Amazon shop or eBay auction etc. Once someone purchases a product, you place the order and include their address information for delivery. This completes the sale. The difference between final customer cost, wholesale cost, shipping and dropshipping fee, is what you’ll earn. 

The advantages of having your own online store and dropshipping mean you have control of how the product is presented, less competition and you can track your sales to completion. You also have the ability to set your own pricing or earnings. In some instances creating an avenue to sell your products will take less time and there is potential for higher earnings per sale. Disadvantages are that you’re required to action the purchase of each product after a sale, setting up of payment methods is required and finding the right products at the right price can take a little negotiating. Not too much of a disadvantage so far!

However, there is a higher risk of fraud if you find yourself dealing with unreliable dropshipping companies. The similarities between Affiliate marketing and dropshipping are really quite different. Affiliate marketing is less work but requires constant maintenance.

Dropshipping requires ongoing work but has great potential for earnings. Success can be found in both with effort.